I Hate Marketing–NOT!!!

28 04 2009

When I left my last company, several people told me to teach and coach others. So as I thought about what opportunities to pursue I decided to blog!!!! Now, as you know blogging is not for everybody but since I have a lot of ideas- and experience to match- I thought I would be able to share my perspective on a variety of subjects relating to business. Accordingly, I titled my blog “business of business” with the URL http://www.streetsavvymarketing.wordpress.com. I figured that as a kid raised in Brooklyn, NY I learned a lot about making money and survival…. and in reality companies who make money (let’s say profitable revenue) will survive and flourish. But they have to do this consistently over time.

As I thought about this first post, I recall my experiences in marketing and how many executives relate to the M word. Over time, I expect to provide my perspective on marketing and what I really believe it to be in this new digital and customer centric world. For me, I started as an engineer and converted to the dark side of marketing early in my career as I moved up the product management and product development chain. I consider myself a line person, one that is there to innovate and generate revenue, not to be confused with a cost center. And for many of you who know me, I make no pretense that I am not a “fluff and stuffer!” I know I ruffle many of my colleagues’ feathers when I say that. I truly believe that marketing has a bad rap because many executives think that marketing is merely sales support or marcom. Granted these are important components and tools but certainly take away from what I know is the real concept of marketing i.e. how do you go to market with your products and services.

So in many ways I hate marketing because of the way it has been perceived in the past. And that makes a marketing executive, a Chief Marketing Officer like me, cringe when I hear the term marketing and especially when I hear others not respect the function.

In reality, I love the marketing concept and the idea of going to market and outsmarting my competition, and growing revenue, and being credited with bringing new innovations to market, etc. It is a great profession because as a complete marketer it uses so many skills and you are constantly learning and applying.

Over time, I will cover various learnings from my past in being the complete marketer and one who is respected in the company. And it has nothing to do with self-aggrandizement. It has to do with survival and growth of a company. To me, an excellent marketer can help a company in so many ways. A mediocre one, though, denigrates the concept of marketing. A poor marketer destroys the term entirely.

So, welcome to my world of marketing, i.e. the business of business and how to be successful and grow. I hope you find this blog enlightening and enjoyable. More importantly, I trust you will find some of these blogs thought provoking and useful whether you are a novice marketing intern or a seasoned pro. And let me know what you want to discuss and learn about.

One other thing. When I grew up on the streets of New York I learned to open my ears to what people said and kept my antenna up so I would not be taken advantage of. In Street Savvy Marketing, you need your antenna up: to hear what customers say, to understand what customers really want, to find the right new tools to help your customers succeed, and to implement new tools and ideas to help your company succeed.
All the best.





2 responses

28 04 2009
Harris Warren

Great Post David! Glad to see you in the blogosphere!

29 04 2009
doug ritter

Welcome! Great to have another viewpoint!

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