CMO and CIO as Best Friends

4 06 2012

I was reading my RSS feed this morning and noticed an article regarding Salesforce’s acquisition of another social media and technology company. In that article, the author pointed out that Gartner said that CMOs will surpass CIOs in spending on technology in the next 5 years. To me, it would be a strange and out of context comment from Garnter given the broad mandate of most good CIOs. However, it is not very important to argue that point in reality. Mark Benioff, Salesforce’s CEO, makes that statement that CMOs and CIOs must partner to be effective. That is the key as the marketing function has become more complex given the variety of tools that are available to the CMO (including the new social media and marketing automation tools) and the need for CMOs to be both data driven and profit oriented. CMOs must establish a strong relationship with the CIO and if the CMO has product responsibility, the CTO as well.

Good CMOs have known this for a long time I, for one, have pointed this out in articles and blogs in the past. And I have been championing the cause of broad-based technology marketers for a long (greater than 15 years) time. The good CIOs have recognized that good CMOs can help them get the best benefit of technology.

I am just glad to see the heightened awareness of this trend of “bonding.” Maybe this is somewhat irreverent but it might be akin to the new way of looking for the business counterpart of “friends with benefits.”

David Friedman




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