The iWATCH is coming! Innovation continues at Apple in a classic way.

12 09 2014

I collect watches and I have a nice selection.  The watches I collect are the “classic” styles.   Among those watches, I have a fondness for an old gold Longines that my father wore when he married my mom in the early 40s, a few Omegas (I like Speedmaster), a Rado, Cyma, and my favorite, a Tutima FX-UTC two time zone.  I liken the watches to jewelry for men and while many younger people have shed their watches because they can tell time (assuming they have to) with their smartphones.

Enter the i-Watch.  Let me say this- I want one.  And unfortunately I have to wait for a few months to get one.   I already told my son that he can buy it for me for my birthday.   I want the stainless steel black with Milanese band.  What I like about it is the simplicity and elegance.  It sort of looks like my Rado watches which I like- simple elegance with functionality.  See the following pictures.




Rado Square

Rado Square

Rado Ceramic

Rado Ceramic









I don’t need edginess per se.  The functionality, the ability to mate it with my IPhone 5s and my iPad make it perfectly suited for me.  I like the fact that I can adjust the face to the persona I have each day.  For example, during the work week I would like to have a face that shows time and next appointments.  On the weekend, when the amateur athlete kicks in, I want to show energy and heart rate as I play tennis, swim, or workout.    And did I mention, it looks good too!!

I am an Apple shareholder and I really like where Apple is going.  What is next for them? I don’t know but I trust that they won’t relax on their laurels and I believe this product will continue to evolve.  Just for kicks, and thinking about the art of the possible, perhaps Apple will come out with a new i-Pen, a fountain pen (my preference since I collect classic fountain pens too) or gel pen that links with your iPad or iPhone or iMac so what you write is transcribed into a document and stored.  All voice commands by the way.   How about an i-Home, a totally home automation system a la NEST with more options?   And with Apple buying Beats, why not a series of i-MEDIA for total entertainment and control in your house?  Google has their car so why not have an Apple i-Car or maybe a manufacturer works with Apple to embed the i-Car concept into their new automobiles?  All this is possible Mr. Cook.  I believe that the smart people at Apple are already thinking about these ideas.  And that bodes well for their stock and for this economy.  Very exciting times indeed.




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