The Art of Great Customer Service

22 12 2014

As I write this I know many people will not like the fact there is a gun in the picture. But I do like target shooting and the competition with my friends has been both fun and relaxing – although I have yet to beat Jeff’s top score!!  Nevertheless, today i was treated to an example of exemplary customer service. from Browining which makes the gun.

Here’s the plinking pistol I use for target practice. It is a Browning Buckmark .22 URX.

I bought the gun in late 2008 when I was living in Dallas and I have used it pretty regularly over the past several years.  On the top of the gun there is a rear “sight bridge” which was made of polymer  It cracked, thereby making the gun inoperative. I called Browning today and talked with a woman named Rita who listened to my problem and then told me she will send out a replacement today via UPS for the sight bridge.  NO CHARGE for either the part or the shipping.  My only comment was “really?”   She said “yes, and have a happy holiday.”

To me this is pretty remarkable considering the gun is relatively old and the warranty is only for one year.  Rita never questioned whether I took proper care of the gun or not.  The way she handled my call and the fact that she sent me a new part, worth probably $60 plus shipping, is something to note.  So kudos to Rita and the management of Browning.   Happy Holidays to all.




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