How Can I Get Funding For My Start-up? Learnings From a Successful Entrepreneur.

5 11 2015

I don’t know many entrepreneurs that can fund their startup by themselves.    So funding becomes a critical issue. Yet it is not only funding that many entrepreneurs want but also the ability to partner with the investor to add needed skills, contacts and perspectives.

The Eureka building is home to many entrepreneurs.  On Friday mornings, Andrew Bermudez, founder of Digsy (, an online platform to help businesses find their best physical space, hosts a coffee meetup and talks to founders and others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to network, talk about common problems, and in general share ideas.

Oct. 10, 2015, Andrew interviewed Robin Pimentel, a partner at K5 Ventures ( in SoCal.  Robin spent a majority of his career in Silicon Valley with cache companies such as Facebook and Google before building an on-demand video game streaming platform for GaiKai (sold to Sony).   Take a look the following video in which  Robin shares his thoughts on funding, recruiting, culture, and business issues relating to building a company.

Perhaps you have other ideas and can share your lessons.  Please feel free to do so.  If you are an entrepreneur in need of help feel free to reach me at and visit us at C-Level Partners.




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