The iWATCH is coming! Innovation continues at Apple in a classic way.

12 09 2014

I collect watches and I have a nice selection.  The watches I collect are the “classic” styles.   Among those watches, I have a fondness for an old gold Longines that my father wore when he married my mom in the early 40s, a few Omegas (I like Speedmaster), a Rado, Cyma, and my favorite, a Tutima FX-UTC two time zone.  I liken the watches to jewelry for men and while many younger people have shed their watches because they can tell time (assuming they have to) with their smartphones.

Enter the i-Watch.  Let me say this- I want one.  And unfortunately I have to wait for a few months to get one.   I already told my son that he can buy it for me for my birthday.   I want the stainless steel black with Milanese band.  What I like about it is the simplicity and elegance.  It sort of looks like my Rado watches which I like- simple elegance with functionality.  See the following pictures.




Rado Square

Rado Square

Rado Ceramic

Rado Ceramic









I don’t need edginess per se.  The functionality, the ability to mate it with my IPhone 5s and my iPad make it perfectly suited for me.  I like the fact that I can adjust the face to the persona I have each day.  For example, during the work week I would like to have a face that shows time and next appointments.  On the weekend, when the amateur athlete kicks in, I want to show energy and heart rate as I play tennis, swim, or workout.    And did I mention, it looks good too!!

I am an Apple shareholder and I really like where Apple is going.  What is next for them? I don’t know but I trust that they won’t relax on their laurels and I believe this product will continue to evolve.  Just for kicks, and thinking about the art of the possible, perhaps Apple will come out with a new i-Pen, a fountain pen (my preference since I collect classic fountain pens too) or gel pen that links with your iPad or iPhone or iMac so what you write is transcribed into a document and stored.  All voice commands by the way.   How about an i-Home, a totally home automation system a la NEST with more options?   And with Apple buying Beats, why not a series of i-MEDIA for total entertainment and control in your house?  Google has their car so why not have an Apple i-Car or maybe a manufacturer works with Apple to embed the i-Car concept into their new automobiles?  All this is possible Mr. Cook.  I believe that the smart people at Apple are already thinking about these ideas.  And that bodes well for their stock and for this economy.  Very exciting times indeed.

Random Acts of Kindness Lead to a Great Brand

25 09 2009

As many of my friends know, I have a favorite watch. It’s a Tutima FX UTC, a chronograph which displays time in 2 time zones. It’s a beautiful watch and very functional. See

my watch

my watch

We all know times are difficult for many people and businesses. Yet, I want to point out a random act of kindness from the service center at Tutima that made me an even bigger ambassador for the Tutima brand.

My watch needed to be repaired. It needed a pusher (the little button that starts and stops the second hand for the stop watch). I received a quote and an estimate for an overhaul (cleaning) which it probably needs since I wear the watch basically everyday and it’s been about 4 years since the last “tune-up.” However, like many of us, I am watching my pennies and being, in part, an EIT (Executive in Transition) I was not amenable to spending a lot on the watch at this time. So I wrote back to Christina Pickens, the service manager at Tutima, and explained my circumstances.

I expected to get push back on the repairs and an attempt to make me feel guilty about having an expensive watch and not taking care of it. However, instead I received a nice note which basically said she understood these times are tough and whenever I wanted it overhauled they would be glad to do the job. Not only that, I received a discount on the repair I agreed to and without asking for one! I found the note particularly interesting because I did not expect it and because of her empathy.

How many times during this recession have you seen such random acts of understanding and kindness? Rather, I normally see the service providers trying to take advantage of the unfortunate. In the grand scheme of things, fixing my watch is not a huge issue. But, to me, this experience was quite touching and because of it I am an even more committed advocate of Tutima and a bigger brand ambassador.

When I can, in the future, I guarantee that I will purchase another Tutima watch, probably the Eurofighter Typhoon or the Flieger Chrono F2. And in the meantime, I will wear my current watch with pride and tell my story to all who will listen. It’s a great example of customer service and I commend Christina Pickens and Tutima.